Twitter module says to use "Upload a Media" action, but this no longer exists

Trying to get an image from AirTable to post to Twitter.

It’s not pushing the image through, regardless of what data I try to map to the Media IDs field. I am able to do this process just fine via WordPress to Twitter, but am struggling with AirTable to Twitter.

As can be seen in the screenshot, it states to use the Twitter module with the “Upload a Media” action, but this no longer exists within the Twitter module.

Any ideas how I can get this to work so I can have an image uploaded as part of the Tweet when sending the image from AirTable?

Hello @travism :wave:

To upload images, you’re going to need to create two connections. One with Twitter (v5) and one with Twitter (v6).

You can find pointers on how to do that here:

Once you have these connected, you should be able to map the “media IDs” from the “upload a media” (V5) module output to the Create a tweet (V6) module.


I actually did figure this out last night after posting my initial message.

Figured I could help clear up any confusion as I’ve seen others have it from past threads when I was initially trying to figure this out.

When searching through the modules you will see one Twitter module. When you click on that you’re presented with two options as seen in the image below:


The “Twitter (legacy)” option features the “Upload a Media” feature. Putting this before the “Twitter” (non legacy) module allowed me to send the image URL from another module into it and then was able to use the media ID from the “Twitter (legacy)” module into the “Twitter” (non legacy) module which was successful in sending a tweet with an attached image.

The confusion on my end came from searching for “Twitter” as a module and only seeing one option initially. Clicking on the initial Twitter module revealed the two different options and the legacy one contained the feature I needed.


Hi again @travism :wave:

It’s great to hear that you managed to get this up and running, great job! :muscle:

The whole Twitter / X situation is a bit complicated so thank you very much for stepping back in here and sharing how to locate and use the “Upload a Media”. I’m sure this will be super helpful to many others who are facing the same situation. :pray: