How to pull existing Trigger records when building/testing a Scenario [migrating from Zapier]

Hello, I’m migrating from Zapier. In Zapier, when building a Flow there is the option to pull in existing data from from a Trigger to help with building/testing a Flow/Scenario.
Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 11.28.33

Does corresponding functionality exist in Make? For context, I’m sending data from Cognito Forms (new entry) to Google Sheets.

Thank you.

If I understand well what you could do is: click run once and make the process to send the data to the scenario.


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Yes, non-instant trigger modules have the option of selecting where you would like to begin from, you can right-click on the module and manually select the item where you want the next scenario run to continue from (which item you would like to test with), then manually run the scenario to pull the sample data so you can map them in modules down the line.