Test a scenario with past data

I’m a long time Make user and I much prefer Make over other automation tools, but the ONE feature that’s glaringly missing is the ability to grab past data to trigger a scenario for testing. Zapier (though I avoid it whenever I can) makes this extremely easy.

I can’t believe that the official answer from Make is to fake the data using JSON. This doesn’t always work because sometimes the actual data contains metadata not found in example JSON. It’s especially painful when dealing with triggers like Stripe or Shopify which require an actual payment to go through in order to capture the trigger bundles.

Is there any chance Make will consider adding this to the feature request roadmap?

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you can download the output bundle from the first trigger (a webhook for example) and use Postman to send it again whenever you wants to the same webhook url.

i use this all the time to cut time and to test bundles


This is great if your scenario starts with a Webhook trigger.

For this, you can take the actual output from a Stripe or Shopify module, store it in a Parse JSON module. This Parse JSON module will be the first module of your scenario during the build since the output will be structured exactly like the original trigger module.
When it’s time to go live, put your original Stripe or Shopify module back as the trigger, then you remap all the modules away from the Parse JSON to the original Strip or Shopify module using the Make/Integromat Dev Tool.