How to pull folder metadata into a scenario that is inside a folder?

Hi all,

I have a folder - that has a collection of folders in it. This collection of folders - I have been creating on a weekly basis for my weekly projects (example: folder names: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). I would like to automate the creation of these folders.

The new folder that I would like to create (to join this collection) is based on the names of the existing collection of folders. Continuing from my example above - the next folder I’d like to create is: 5.

My problem is how do I pull in the metadata of the collection of folders into my scenario?

Seeing as this is all in my OneDrive - my thought is that I’d be able to use the OneDrive module: Search Files/Folders

Under the Folder input in the module I have no problem mapping until the folder I’d like searched.

But I don’t understand how to bring the metadata of the collection of folders - inside that folder - into my make scenario to then do something with.

This might be related: But I don’t understand what to input into the Query Search field? (screen shot below)

I then went to try and find something relevant within OneDrive’s API documentation, but have had no success. (it seems harder to read and less organized than OpenAIs, forgive me I’m new to all this)

Because there wasn’t any explanatory information at the Make Help Center(for OneDrive):

I then tried to intuit from a Google Drive module (Search for Files/Folders; as there was more information available on this module at the Make Help Center) - but just don’t know what to write (would be awesome if they included an example where you have to write text).

Any help would be much appreciated. All the best.