How to put 2 different array collections into transformed XML


I am taking one format XML and need to transform it into the different format.
The problem that I have is:
I have 2 same items in one tag, for example:


The problem is that “Item*” count is dynamic, which means this can vary, in the XML there can be 1item or multiple of them.

How can I take all of them and transform into different tags? For example to make:


I can`t find the way to do it, because it all ends up with 2 operations instead of one XML:

I can`t find the way to loop as long as there is different packages like this:

You could try doing this:

In your input field, instead of setting htmlinput, try to set this:


List as many ItemTypeA/B/C as tags you want to handle
This should handle:

  • Every ItemType tags
  • Opening tags <ItemTypeA>
  • Closing tags </ItemTypeA>
  • Empty tags <ItemTypeA />