How to rewrite messages with AI

How can I use AI to change a canned message slightly and randomly so it is unique yet concise each time it is sent?

My application could vary to include email, text, notification, or other short messages.

Basically, I want to pass some text to a process and have the modified text returned. The process could be a module or a series of modules. The process could be part of a scenario or in another webhook scenario that I can call with an HTTP request. It doesn’t matter…all I need to know is what module(s) is required to make the process happen, not how to set up a whole scenario with a trigger and a way to send the message.

I would imagine that I’ll need to pass some parameters along with the text or embed the parameters within the process module(s). For example, I don’t want the length of the modified text to vary by more than 20%. I also want the modified text to be written to a 10th-grade reading level or less. The modified text should have a target audience of a person between 45 and 65 years old with a household income of at least $120,000 per year and who has children who may or may not yet live at home. This target audience will be mostly female, although some recipients will be men. While I would like the text to be unique each time, it’s much more important that the other conditions are met. I’d rather have someone receive the same message multiple times than for the text to appear odd or unnatural because it has to be unique.

Hi @Dmitri_Martin ,

This seems like a custom scenario that you would have to create based on the input sources that you might have. Here is a very good example of how to use AI to create a blog post:

Similarly, you can make use of OpenAI module to create responses based on your requirements.