How to run scenario on previous data (like transferring in zapier)

Hey guys, I have a scenario that triggers off of the addition of a new row in google sheets (also done in Microsoft excel). I then use the data from the sheet in a draft email and the automation goes on…It works well after the current trigger time of 15 minutes (i’m using the free plan) but is there a way to run this for the previous 10 lines of data? I tested it by adding a new row and after some time the automation works but I can’t seem to find a way to have it do it for previous data. In zapier I think it is called transferring data. Thank you!

You could right click and choose where to shart option and if you records exist from the list then choose the click the first record to start from. Then run the process.
If you are not records int hat list then do the below.
The quickest way will be to map the old data to a new sheet. HAve the make look at the new sheet and it will trigger for all the new rows added. Then when everything is updated remove the new sheet and point it to the existing sheet and right click the watch shape to start on only the new rows.


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I just wanted to let you know that using screenshots of your scenario/module configuration can help a lot when asking as well as when giving advice :blush:

You can simply drag and drop images into the text editor r you can upload the images here

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Idk how I missed that. Thank you so much!!

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