How to save and edit templates without connecting modules


When selecting templates from make - the only options are to create a scenario then back or continue.

This means you have to add the first module details to save the template e.g. lets say the first module has airtable

How can you just save the templates to use later without connecting the first module?

This looked like it was raised in 2022 but cant see what happened


Hi @Semuify

While using the scenario template, you will have to complete all the connection steps to be able to save it.

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Make support provided a workaround to this problem, that solves the issue for me:

“Sorry, but you cannot edit a template without adding the connections. However, the workaround would be, please open the template and then use the keyboard shortcut: CMD+S on Mac and CTRL+S on Windows, it will save the template as a scenario.”

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