How to Schedule Make Scenario to Run on the Last Day of the Month

Struggling to automate tasks on the last day of each month? This video is a must-watch if you’ve been grappling with scheduling challenges, especially when it comes to running scenarios on specific dates with Make. The problem? Make doesn’t offer an intuitive way to schedule tasks for the last day of the month, a critical requirement for many reporting and operational tasks. But don’t worry, there’s a clever workaround, and this video reveals it!

In this insightful tutorial, you’ll learn a unique method to ensure your Make scenarios run precisely on the last day of each month, whether it’s a 28, 30, or 31-day month. The process involves a strategic approach to selecting days of the month and applying a smart filter. This filter is the key to solving the puzzle – it cleverly calculates whether the current date is indeed the last day of the month.

But how does it work? The video demonstrates a clever use of date formatting and a comparative logic that checks if today’s month differs from tomorrow’s. This innovative solution ensures your scenarios run exactly when needed without any manual intervention or wasted operations.

Are you tired of guessing or manually adjusting your schedules every month? Don’t miss out on this game-changing technique. Watch this video now to transform how you manage end-of-month tasks with Make. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to automated efficiency!

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I’ve posted a better way of doing this here:

📅 How to schedule scenario for the last day next/every month

Saves up to additional three operations a month, and you don’t need a filter, or use of the formatDate function — it works like magic!