How to select a whole item from Google calendar "Search event"?

I am wondering does Google calendar “Search event” return an array? If yes, how can I select an item? I only see keys of event, not the whole event.

Also, it is not clear when I select a key if it is a single key or all the keys of the search event.

I would love to know how all of this works!

For context, here is what I need to do :

  • Search for events containing “Absence” in a common calendar
  • For each of these, find the personal calendar associated
  • Find in this calendar if all the days of the event 1 contains an out of office event.
  • If yes, stop here
  • If no, create an Out of office event in the personal calendar for the same dates as event 1.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

the search event module returns an bundle for each successfully found event.
The following modules will be executed for each operations.
In my scenario i am searching for special events (operations) and save each returned event in a datastore. The calender is one with tv-show dates and i am searching for the ones which are running today and are on my special list.

The search (8 inputs) returned 8 outputs but with no bundles. In this case none of them went trough the filter because i got no bundles back. But if they do the following modules will be executed as often as the filter applies.

Hope this helps a bit.



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