How to send emails from an existing contact list in a Google Sheets spreadsheet?

Hi all,

I’m a newbie of I hope everyone can assist me in the following case:

Assume that I have a contact list stored in Sheet1 of GSheet named Contacts. This list has some columns: company name, email address.
Based on this list, I want to email them with the same content (possibly with attachments).
How can I do that?


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Yes, that is possible. You’ll need a minimum of four modules:

Give it a go and let us know if you have any issues!


Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


Help Center Basics

Articles & Videos


Thank @samliew,

But I still have a little confused that:

  • When I send an email, how can Make automatically fill in a recipient in the To of the email?
  • I already have an email template ready. Now I just need to send it automatically to customers on the list.

Every result (item/record) from a search/match module (like Google Sheets “Search Rows”) will output a bundle. To “combine” them into a single structure, you’ll need to use an aggregator of some sort.

Aggregators are modules that accumulate multiple bundles into one single bundle. An example of a commonly-used aggregator module is the Array aggregator module. The next popular aggregator is the Text Aggregator which is very flexible and has applies to many use-cases.

The Array Aggregator module allows you to build a complex array of collections for a later module’s field to map multiple items (collections) to it.

Here is an example of using the “Target structure type” of an Array Aggregator module:

As you can see, the “Map” toggle on fields are used when you have an array. You can easily build an array variable to map to a field, by using an Array Aggregator module and select the “Target Structure Type” as the future field you want to map the array into.

You can also map the list of multiple email addresses into the “To”/recipient field using this method.

For more information, see these links in my previous post:

  • Mapping with arrays – How to map items in an array
  • Aggregate an array for mapping complex fields