How to send whatsapp to leads from google sheets?

Hey i try to create automation for my leads that didn’t buy any service,
i want to take number + name from google sheet and send with the whatsapp cloud API for 20 clients per day at specific time a day.

Cant understand how to import number and phone number (20 per day) and them the messages, thats look like i can send only to 1 number per scenario… (already using that for fresh leads and work awesome).

thanks for help!

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Hi. You must be sure that your Google Spreadsheet result is iterated. If you can limited by 20 per day, you can use the result limit field in Google Sheet module and setup the workflow to run once per day.

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Hi @maaseinu

I understood that you have around 20 clients meaning 20 Whatsapp connections.

In that case, you can use a router with appropriate filtering to send leads to respective clients. Basically, you need to have columns with Client Name, Status, etc.
Then using the Search rows module, process the leads. As per the client name, redirect the lead to the appropriate route after filtering to send a Whatsapp message.

Once the message is sent, update the status to “Sent” to avoid duplicate messages (You need to filter the search rows module by status at start of the scenario)

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