How to set a operation threshold / warning per scenario

I’m currently exploring what my options are with make and one of the biggest things I’m stumped on is how to track / limit the operation usage on a per scenario basis.

I’m looking to have multiple scenarios on the go and I need to track each on separate from eachother. Ideally I would love it if there were a “threshold” that could be set with incremental warnings as you get close to the 100% threshold at which point the scenario would turn off. (Warning via email at 75%, 90% and 100% as an example)*A scenario might have a threshold limiter of 10k that I want to allow per month, quarter, annual etc

If that isn’t an option, my other solution would be some kind of report that would give me totals each day/ week etc.

The only method I can come up with is to setup a variable that gets the operation consumed per cycle and then put that into a excel / data store. Two issues with this though

I would need that setup on each scenario, this would blow out my operation usage as I would have two modules running every time my scenario is run for each scenario

I also am not sure how I would get this to add as an addition to the excel spreadsheet. If I put it into a cell, it will erase the previous cell data each time (haven’t played around too much with this method though to be honest)

Anyone else have a way to manage this?

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I don’t think this is possible. You can definitely fetch the org’s total and current usage, and calculate whether it is “on-track” or over the daily quota, but that will cost an additional 1-2 operations per scenario execution. This method is only suitable for scenarios that run once or twice a day.

The alternative is try to optimize and reduce your 10k operations to 1k per month, by observing where are the inefficiencies and replace them with more optimal solutions.

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