How to set a Variable on one Route and Use it on Another?

Here is my situation:
I have a jotform that will be used to add a record to Notion. That jotform may or may not also pass an id for a relation on the new Notion record. In order to avoid errors, I want to verify that the id and relation exist before the new record is created. If the relation does not exist which means the id is invalid, the id should be set to blank so that when the new record is added no relation is created.

To summarize:
If no relation id is passed, the new record can be created.
If an id is passed, it should be checked in notion to make sure it exists. If it does not exist, then it should not be used so the new record can be created without an error.

This is a classic situation where you should be able to create a branch of logic that then rejoins the main execution. But for some reason I cannot understand this is not easy to do in Make. I have read lots of posts about workarounds for this and I’m really surprised there is no easy way to do this.

Here is what I currently have in the screenshot:
When the form triggers the scenario, I store the id in a variable. The first route out of the router has a filter so that if that variable has a value, it checks Notion for the record. That module has an error handle so that if that errors (which means the record doesn’t exist) the variable can be set to blank because the id cannot be used. Then, the way I understand it, the next route should be run because it has no filter and it should update notion. However when the first route is run with a bad id when the second route runs it still uses the old value of the variable not the value of the variable set by the error handle in the first route. I have read a lot of posts and cannot figure out what is wrong here. Aren’t routes run sequentially? So why would the second route not have the value of the variable set at the end of the first route if it follows the error handler path? (And why doesn’t Make have an easy way to branch execution and then return - it seems a lot of people go through a lot of workarounds for this).

In the second route, use get variable module(before Notion Module), and over there type the variable name(not the mapping), this way if the variable is set on the second module or on the first module, it will be reflected.

@Runcorn Thank you - I reworked it with that in mind and it seems to be working correctly now.