How to share scenario with team so they can edit it

I have a scenario and I would like to share it with team members so they can use it (instead of giving my account credentials).

Hope there’s a way to do so

Hi @marya031, can you be more specific? By team members you mean people in your Make organization? And what do you mean by account credentials (to Make or to connected services?).

In any Make organization, there is no limit to number of users in the organization, if you are owner or admin you can simply invite new users to your organization, how to do that, you can find here.

They then can copy the scenario and use their connections to the connected services in scenario.

I’m not sure if I’m clear, feel free to add more details.

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Hi @marya031 ,
Sharing an organization with Team Members is very simple in Make!
First take a look at your Organization homepage or Dashboard. Notice the tabs up at the top.

Click on the “Users” Tab
Here you will see a list of all of the Users associated with your Make account and their roles.

You should see a button to “Invite User”. Click that button.
NOTE: You will only see that button if you are the OWNER of that Make account and have a teams account. If you are not the Owner you will need to contact the owner of your Make account to continue.

Fill out this users Name, Email and Assign them a Role for the account then click Save. That user will receive a link allowing them access to the Team, they may need to create a new Make account if they have not yet.

Hope this gives you more information on sharing Users.

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