How to solve this error

Hello makers, How to Solve this error.

@Prem_Patel We don’t see what kind of functions you are using, please be detailed with your questions. Can you share a screenshot of the configuration of the HTTP module?

What it looks like is that you are using the map() function to search something, but you are searching in a “buffer” data type. This does not work since these are 0s and 1s (bytes). You can only use map() on strings or numbers.

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I want to extract number from the string “data” that is the format as in attached image

Doesn’t look like it, but sounds like the “Data” object is of type buffer.
Try to use the toString() function before you put it in a replace()

Can you send me a snapshot how to get it one!
Help appreciated

@Prem_Patel did you try to use a parse JSON module and map the “data” field?

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Yes sir @loic.wiseflow , But i’m exploring if it can be done without any extra module, soo anything can be done in the URL box itself!

Then you can try replace(replace({{data}};{“I’d”:{{space}};{{emptystring}});"};{{emptystring}})

Hello Sir, Got this Error.

The operation failed with an error. ERR_UNESCAPED_CHARACTERS: Request path contains unescaped characters

This is the output For data :


Ok, try this instead:

formula: {{replace(replace(; “{“id”:“”; emptystring); “”}”; emptystring)}}

it works for me:


Thank you so much sir @loic.wiseflow

It worked…