How to @-tag a specific user with the Monday integration?

Hi, I created a scenario that triggers from Salesforce system and creates a task in
My question is, if there is a way to add a @-tag a specific user in the “Description” of the Monday task that is created?
I tried adding @ and the user name, @ and the user id. But both ways did not work.

Hello there @Salesforce_Investing welcome to the community :wave:

According to the Monday community, it seems that mentioning users via @ is currently not possible via Monday’s API:



You can notify a user regarding an update using the Notifications API call see more details in API docs here.

You will need to create the update via the API and that will return the update ID that you can then use in the Notifications call as the target ID.

This is the API call you will need to make.

mutation {
  create_notification (user_id: 12345678, target_id: 674387, text: "This is a notification", target_type: Post) {

Let me know if you need further assistance with this .