How to upload several photos in the same post for social networks?


I have created a scenario to manage posts on social networks and everything is fine until I try to make a post with more than one image. The idea is to replicate the post on Facebook page, private Facebook group and Instagram.

The database is in Notion and the images are uploaded as attachments in the same cell of the row.

I show you the approach.

Thanks for your support and time.

Hi @Sergio_CR, I share a way to do it, let me know if it works for you.

Process executed

Publication made

List of images

Image Download

Group images with the photos structure for the Facebook post

Facebook post


Hello Francisco! Thank you very much for such a quick response.

I’m trying to integrate these steps into my scenario but I can’t get the images in the “get a file” module.

How should I implement it?

I attach the structure to make it more explanatory.


You can show us the output of the Notion module, so we can see the data structure and precisely where the images are.

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What you must do @Sergio_CR , in the module to create variable you must add the formula that allows you to create the list of images, it would be something like this:




It works perfectly.

It would be something like this:


Thank you so much!!!


Can we have the final result on screen ? thank you.