How to upload video from google drive to pinterest

Dear Community Members,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am reaching out as a novice in the field of automation seeking guidance on a specific task. I am attempting to create a scenario that seamlessly transfers videos from Google Drive to Pinterest, generating new Pins in the process.

I have explored the Pinterest API and HTTP module, but my efforts have yielded unsatisfactory results. I have also delved into community forums for potential solutions, but unfortunately, this issue seems to be underexplored.

Therefore, I humbly request your assistance in resolving this challenge. Any insights, suggestions, or recommended approaches would be immensely valuable.

Thank you for considering my request. I eagerly await your guidance.


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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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I’ve attached an image that illustrates the overall scenario.

I’m trying to automate the process of uploading video files from Google Drive to Pinterest as new video pins. I’ve attempted using HTTP requests, file retrieval, and Pinterest API calls, but nothing seems to work effectively.

I’m seeking guidance on how to directly receive and upload videos from Google Drive to Pinterest. If there’s a tutorial available, I would greatly appreciate it.

Blueprint :
blueprint (4).json (38.6 KB)

Hey Nouaman,

you need to make a video post request to Pinterest API first. It will return some variables and a link to the Pinterest AWS bucket - using them you can upload the video. Then give it a minute or so to finish processing and you can use it to make a Pin with that video. You can have look at the Pinterest API documentation for more thorough explanation.


I’ve reviewed the documentation, but I’m still struggling to grasp some of the concepts. As a newcomer to automation, I haven’t been able to locate any video tutorials that specifically address this issue. While I’ve managed to automate the process of posting images from Google Drive to Pinterest, videos pose a greater challenge. The HTTP GET request for video files returns a lengthy string, and incorporating the Pinterest API call to retrieve the media ID hasn’t yielded any positive results.
Could you please provide a detailed plan “blueprint” that guides me in identifying the necessary parameters for this automation process?

You can find screenshots with explanations here:

Here is the first API call to register intent to upload:

And here is how to upload the actual video:

And this is how to check if the upload is done:

When its done, you do the Pin posting using the media_id variable you get from the first step.


Hello Stoyan,
Thank you for your response. I have followed the steps outlined and attempted to upload the video, but I am still encountering difficulties.

This is my blueprint
blueprint (5).json (34.7 KB)

Here some screenshot for steps

Google Drive

the first pinterest api call

Http request ( I set the upload url to url and all the 8 parameters )

I’m encountering an issue while uploading the video. I’ve tried using both the ‘getweblink’ and ‘fileid’ methods, but neither seems to be working effectively{FILEID}

another pinterest api call to see the status

Finally i put the media id

i got this error & even when a set a delay for 120s

Hey Nouaman,

from what I can see in the documentation, you can’t forward a url to Pinterest, it needs to be a file. So use a Get a File HTTP module to get the file from google drive, then map the file itself in the uploading module.