How to Use a Filter to Schedule a Make Scenario to Execute Every X Times

Struggling to find a way to “Schedule a Scenario to Execute Every X Number of Times”? Look no further! This video tackles this exact issue, presenting a unique and effective solution to streamline your processes.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed your scenario to run on a regular basis, but not necessarily with every single trigger? It’s a common problem, often leading to inefficiency and unnecessary resource consumption. Whether it’s a scenario that needs to run every few days, or one that must activate only at specific intervals, the challenge of setting this up correctly can be daunting.

In this video, we dive into the mechanics of using a filter to schedule your scenario precisely the way you need it. We demystify the process of setting up an increment function module, ensuring it counts continuously without resetting. You’ll learn how to manipulate this function to accommodate various intervals, whether you need it every three, five, seventeen, or even twenty-two days.

But what really sets our solution apart is the clever use of nested formulas and string conversions to create a filter that activates only at the desired times. We walk you through each step, ensuring you understand not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind each action.

Still puzzled about how to make your scenario more efficient? Wondering how this approach can save you time and reduce errors? Our video explains all of these in detail, using practical examples and clear explanations.

:link:Math Functions:

:link:String Functions:

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Hi @andyoneil :blob_wave:

Thanks a lot for stopping by the Showcase section of the community and treating us to your freshly-baked video!

This is super valuable stuff since scheduling scenarios to run at specific intervals is a topic that’s frequently discussed in the community. Thanks a lot for putting together this resource. I’m sure it’s gonna be a game-changer for many :clap:

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Awesome. Very well explained. However, I have a futher issue in case you can think of something. I have this scenario running once a day, watching the messages in a Discord Channel. The thing is, one of the paths only after a router, I need it to run once every 3 days for example. What I would need though is that every 3 days, this path takes as input all the information, or chat text of the 3 whole days as one bundle. I don’t know if it makes sense or if I typed it clearly enough. Any ideas? The only thing I can think of for now is adding everything on a specific text file, and every 3 days the module reads it?

@Jose_Manuel_Alcalde I think I understand what you mean. In this case, I believe you would add the scenario I built, in the video, immediately after the router route that you want to run every three days. It should work just fine.

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