How to use an If function for "if Contains" rather than "If equal to"

I currently have a formula I put together and all has been well, except now there have been a few slight changes and I need help

For simplicity purposes, I am not going to post the entire formula as it is long, I only have one part I am concerned about

My formula is similar to If(item = "Approved; emptystring; Pending)

This formula will say that if the item equals the word “Approved” it will return nothing, but if it does not equal “Approved” it will return the word “Pending”

How do I edit this formula so if item CONTAINS the word “Approved” it will return nothing. Bonus points if this doesn’t have to be case sensitive either

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.51.55 PM

Thanks so much for anyone who can help

Hello @Ryan_Kochan

I’m using the Transformer - Compose a string in this sample.

If the value of item contains the word “Approved” (not case sensitive), return an empty string, else return “Pending”.



it works! Thank you!

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