How to use custom function with array aggregator in


I am working on automation with the help of MAKE. I would like to know how can we cater for cross month data for timeline?
Timeline: 30 Oct - 3 Nov (5 weekdays)
Backlog: 10

I want to split the backlog days for above case to Oct month 4 days and Nov month 6 days. I can do so for a specific data but not sure how can I merge with my current solution.

This is my current solution without taking care of the end date of timeline, I just aggregate all the data group by start date’s month and sum the values based on the start date of timeline. Then use the summed value of each month to continue the flow. Bug here is that if is cross-month timeline, the backlog will just be parked under the start date’s month.


Update my findings, I used custom functions to help on the cross-month backlog allocation calculation. It is very useful and why I didn’t meet it earlier! XD


Hello there @Wing :wave:

I just wanna quickly step in and say congrats on solving this one on your own :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for remembering to share what you learned with us and for marking your comment as a solution. Thanks to this, the community stays tidy and it’ll be easier for folks in the future to look for solutions. :broom:

Keep up the great work!