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I’m James, I’m new to and I’m looking for assistance.

I have a board that contains items with two Date columns: ‘Request Date’ and ‘Need By Date.’ I wish to sync these two dates with a ‘Timeline’ column using a integration.


The problem is I don’t know where to begin. There are no tutorials/courses available on the Academy and scouring Google/YouTube has proven fruitless.

I suspect that I need to first ‘List Board Items’ with ‘Request Date’ and ‘Need By Date’ output columns selected. I then wish to combine these dates into a format compatible with the ‘Timeline’ column and then return this value to the ‘Timeline’ column for that specific item in I simply do not know how to enact this as this is my first time using Make.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi @James_Walker
if you need for exsisting items yes you can list items and then update coloum ,
But for ongoing and new work
You can setup new automation , when coloum changes , set the coloum you want to look for automation , it can be Requested or need by date or and then then update that item again and update timeline coloum again and push dates there ,
Thank you

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Thank you - that’s what I’d like to implement. However, as I explained in my original post, I don’t know how to set up that automation. I’d appreciate it if someone could show me a basic scenario that would achieve that outcome.

Yes I can do that , we can have a short zoom call , thank you

Heya @CodexSolutions :wave:

It’s great to see how eager you are to help out @James_Walker. If you do happen to hop on a call, could you please circle back to this thread and share a brief summary of what you discover? Our community is built on the principle of openly sharing knowledge and making it accessible to all for our collective benefit.

Thanks a lot for your willingness to contribute :raised_hands: