& Google Calendar 2 ways sync

Hey community,
I’m trying to set up a 2-way integration between & Google Calendar.
My main challenge is that I’m stuck in kind of a loop.
I created 2 scenarios:

  1. Triggers when the date column is changed on monday > update the event on GG calendar
  2. Triggers when the event is changed on GG calendar > update the new date on

The issue is that each scenario triggers the second one.
Any suggestions on how to overcome it?
Thank you!

Hi @Hezi_Bosmi

This continuous update loop occurs because, in the first scenario, it updates again with the second one. To prevent this, please add an additional status column in Monday and modify the status after updating the calendar. Before proceeding with propagation in the second scenario, check the status change. If it indicates automation, then ignore it; otherwise, proceed with propagation.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Yes, that’s what I thought.
Actually, I have a more complex issue here as I’m dealing with the timeline column and dependencies so I may contact you.

Thank you.

Sure, no worries.

You can contact us anytime.

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Hey @Msquare_Automation and @Hezi_Bosmi :wave:

I just wanted to ask whether you could briefly share with us what you found out after you connect. This way other users can use your ideas to solve their own issues.

Thanks a lot :pray:

I kind of added a status column to reflect if the changes has been made by calendar or the user

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