Monday date arrived automation as a trigger webhook

I am looking for a way to perform an automation whose trigger will be immediate (instant trigger) so that when date and time appears in the date column in Monday arrives, a webhook will be sent that will start a sequence of actions in

The problem is that Monday itself does not have such webhook and the automations inside Monday only allow for the time and day to be specified in relation to the date (for example, on the day the date and time occurred but at 8:00 PM and not immediately when the time arrived).

@Msquare_Automation you always know how to deal with monday tough challenges:)

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Could you please share screenshots of the Monday interface, and Make module fields and/or filters in question? It would really help other community members to see what you’re looking at.

You can also export the blueprint file to allow others to replicate the issue. At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.


Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (123.4 KB)


Hi @IdoPuter , I will recommend you to set up a monday automation to trigger a status column, and the status column to trigger the make scenario.

Automation: When date arrives, change Status to xx

Webhooks: When Status changes to xx, send a webhook.

Hope it helps :smiley:


Hey @Libin, thanks for reaching out!

The problem is that also in this case - “When date arrives, change Status to xx” the WHEN parameter can only be used as a specific time regard the date (as you can see in the screenshot I have added).

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Hi @IdoPuter

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Hey @Msquare_Automation appreciate your help but the specific challange is how to activate the trigger webhook right after the date in the date (and hour within the date) column has arrived.

Hi @IdoPuter , unfortunately we will need to set up the trigger time in either monday automation or Make scheduled scenario.

If you would like to see the trigger happen right after the date arrives (12:00am), you can set the date in monday automation. Or you can set up a scheduled scenario in Make to list all the items in the monday board, and the filter is when the date equals the current date. In this case you will still need to set up the run time in Make


Hi @IdoPuter

If your requirement is to process with the date like if today is the same date in the date column you need to process then please follow the below steps.

  1. List Board items.
  2. Use filter date of now equal to the value of the date column.

For further implementation, please connect to us
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Hi @IdoPuter

I understand your problem: You need a Make scenario to run at the exact date and time specified in your column. These will be at different times of the day. The problem is that will only trigger an automation on the day and not at the time specified in the column.

You could have Make poll for this column every Minute, but I assume you thought of that but this would use too many operations.

My approach would be to approach it slightly differently. Instead of having a Webhook triggered when the time arrives, instead, schedule the Make scenario to run at that exact time. It is a little complicated, but if this is a critical function, then please bear with me.

1. Create a Trigger Scenario

Create a scenario with a single module that will trigger your actual scenario (the “Trigger scenario”). You could use an HTTP module to trigger the scenario’s webhook or the Make module to “Run a scenario”. Save the blueprint of this scenario. This scenario will be copied over and over again, once for each time you want your automation to run.

2. Create a Scheduling scenario

Create a second scenario that will schedule your first scenario to run (the “Schedule scenario”). It will need a webhook to receive information about the row and the date and time from Then use the Make “Create a scenario” module to create a copy of your Trigger scenario, and specify the exact date you want the scenario to run in the Scheduling fields.

3. Activate the Scheduling scenario from

Now, use the “When Column changes” automation in to send the date and time to the Scheduling scenario. This will create a new copy of the scenario to run on the date and time you specified. This could be days, weeks or months in advance.


It will need a bit of tweaking. You’ll want to build a mechanism to handle deleting scheduled Trigger scenarios if the Date and Time in your column changes. You’ll also need to delete the Triggering scenarios once they have run, but that can also all be automated.

…but it is one way to do what you want it to!


Wowww! @Terry_Hopper

Appreciate so much the effort you spent by writing this complex flow. big thanks! it’s not taken for granted.

I’ll try to create it and when I get to the more complex parts you described at the end of your post I may come back to you to complete the challenge :slight_smile: