How to set up a scenario that is triggered when a new item is created in

Hello! I’m new to Make and am trying to set up a pretty simple scenario with and can’t figure out how to make the scenario run automatically.

When a new item is created on a specific board, a new google doc is created, and then the link to that google doc is entered into a link column of the new item in Monday. The scenario works when I test it, but I can’t figure out how to get it to do it automatically, every time an item is created.

I tried using Watch Events, but couldn’t figure out how to get make to identify when new items are created in Monday. Can anyone help get this thing running automatically?

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  1. Is the scenario turned on?

  2. Do you see this message / are there any queued items in the Webhook queue?

You might need to clear your existing webhook queue before the newer data is processed. Click “Show queue” and delete all of the data, to only process new incoming webhooks from now on.

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Hi @Kirk
You can schedule the scenario like this. Which will run immediately as data comes.

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I turned the scenario on, and set it to immediately. Whenever I create a new item in, it doesn’t trigger the event. If I click “Run one” I can see the scenario waiting for input, I create the item, and it works perfectly. I’m not sure what’s wrong with how it’s set up.

Scheduling is turned on, and I have not received that massage. I don’t actually know how to clear exiting Webhooks. Can you point out where to do that?

I found the queue, cleared it of past webhooks from earlier attempts that I didn’t do correctly. Now it’s working! Thanks for the help!

No problem, glad I could help!

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