How to trigger when a new item is created on


I’m completely new to and I have one scenario I don’t know how to create. Sorry if this might sound stupid to some of you, but I haven’t found how to make it work.

What do I want to do?
I have a board on Monday, when a new item is created in this board I want to create a Google Drive folder with the name of this item and then paste the Google Drive folder link in a column of this board.

My question is:

How do I make the scenario run when a new item is created?
What module do I need to use to get the name of the last item created?

As I said, this might sound like a stupid question to most of you, but I don’t get it to work and I prefer asking for help.



You will need to use the “monday Watch Events” module and copy the webhook into monday’s integration builder, the recipe will be “When an item is created send a webhook”. This will trigger the scenario every time you create an item you will also get the item name from this module.

See Screenshots below

Hope this helps

Hi @ayozelugo Welcome to the Make community! :slight_smile:
First, there are no stupid questions. Questions are how we learn and everyone here was a beginner once.
To add to @Joseph_Honig’s answer, could you share a screenshot (or blueprint) of your scenario so we can guide you better?


Thank you so much @Joseph_Honig

I think what I was missing was the webhook on Monday. I managed to create a scenario that was working but it only worked when the “Run Once” was pressed and I created an item.

@Lauren_Moineau Thanks! I’m a noobie on I think is an amazing tool but I’m struggling to do what I have on my mind.

In case it may be helpful for anybody here is the scenario I have created.

The way it works is it’s been triggered when a new item is created in a specific board, then it get the info of that Item. It connect to Google Drive and create a new folder using the Name of the item, get a share link and put it as a value of one of the columns of the board.



Great work @ayozelugo!
You could simplifying it, getting rid of your second and fourth modules.

In the Google Drive - Update a Folder module, map the Pulse Name from your Watch Board's Item output to the folder name.

Then map the URL from that module in the next Monday - Update Column Values

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Makes much more sense that way @Lauren_Moineau. I’ll simplify it as you show. Thanks!


@ayozelugo You’re welcome! Make sure you set “Share folder” to Yes (not No as in my screenshot) in the Gdrive- Create a folder module.