Who use template automatically

dear all,
I am a beginner in make and have some difficulties to automate my monday.com boards

I have a standard (template) board per customer with several standard automations that work well in make but every time I have a new customer and create a new board with my template I have to refresh/repair all those scenarios , the link (webhook) has to be changed and all the mapable links too … this is really not doable . Can’t this be done automatically or can’t I find a trigger that looks at all boards (so I just have to write a scenario for all (the same) boards
thanks Leo

Hi @leo2 ,

Can you give me more details regarding the setup here? A screenshot of the scenario setup that you have at your end. As far as, you create a new scenario from a template that uses webhook module as it’s trigger, you’ll always have to add a new webhook.

Make supports parallel execution and thus every scenario should have a unique webhook URL. You cannot have the same webhook URL for all your scenarios.