App questions connecting with Make Scenarios

We have a use case for transferring a template set of boards in to multiple locations/users/accounts. We have been utilizing the developer app to create an app to download the template. However, our buildout runs heavily on make scenarios in the background.

Currently, we load the app (template) and then have to clone or load scenario templates and make each account connection. We then run through the modules to ensure they are connected to the appropriate board, etc. This all takes about an hour. We utilize both monday module triggers as well as webhook integration (we can use either if it makes the next portion possible).

Iā€™m wanting to ask if there is a better/more efficient way to either include this step to automatically connect within monday app or how are people that have monday apps utilizing make scenarios without the need to manually connect each scenario?

I greatly appreciate any insight or advice!

Hi there!

In this case, I would suggest creating the connection via API so that once you clone/import Scenario templates, you can automatically select the connections to be used. Note that the access to their API is only allowed in their paid plans: