Use existing scenario output in new scenario

Hey everyone,
I need some help with my Make setup!

Existing scenario:

I have a form setup on a client website with a webhook that, when the form is completed, creates a new item in a monday board, creates an update and creates a new project in Harvest (time, budget and invoicing management software).

Here’s what I want to achieve with a new scenario:
I want to be able to update the outputs generated from my first scenario (item created un Monday) based on a « Watch project » module in Harvest so that when a user logs a new time entry within the Harvest project, one of the columns in the Monday items (associated with time tracking) updates itself.

I am able to set this up using this scenario setup right now, but it can only update the column of items I select manually. I would like to have all Monday items generated from my first scenario to have their time tracking column update when there is new time entries in the Harvest project without having to manually create a new scenario for every new item generated in Monday from my first scenario.

Thanks in advance, I hope I’m not too confusing in my explanation :upside_down_face:

Hello @swayz this sounds like a perfect use case for an Operational Database. That way you can reference ID outputs like your individual Monday items. Use a database app like Airtable and you can grab the output ids from your step and put them in a field there. In the next automation you can then lookup those fields in Airtable and map them to the Harvest app or wherever you need it.

Take a look at this article to learn more about how Operational Databases work:


You can use the module to “run a scenario” within this scenario and post output from this scenario in that one.