Using Webhooks to extract data from a specific item

I am a newbie.
I want to use make to process information from a specific item when a column in that item is changed to something specific. I created a webhook in monday and used the “watch events” element in make. That works fine, as I can see.

However, the next step I want to do is extract information from the specific item. I know the webhook that make gets includes the item id as part of its payload, but I don’t see any way to extract this id.


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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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Here it is:

blueprint.json (17.9 KB)

“event”: {
“app”: “monday”,
“type”: “update_column_value”,
“triggerTime”: “2023-11-10T20:41:41.657Z”,
“subscriptionId”: 14190731,
“userId”: -4,
“originalTriggerUuid”: “0051a9e3040d5deaa8ca2ceba8f3fd1e”,
“boardId”: 1314037860,
“groupId”: “topics”,
“pulseId”: 1314037866,
“pulseName”: “משלוח 5”,
“columnId”: “status_1”,
“columnType”: “color”,
“columnTitle”: “מצב הדפסה”,
“value”: {
“label”: {
“index”: 2,
“text”: “שולח להדפסה”,
“style”: {
“color”: “#e2445c”,
“border”: “#CE3048”,
“var_name”: “red-shadow”
“is_done”: false
“post_id”: null
“previousValue”: {
“label”: {
“index”: 1,
“text”: “”,
“style”: {
“color”: “#00c875”,
“border”: “#00B461”,
“var_name”: “green-shadow”
“is_done”: true
“post_id”: null
“changedAt”: 1699648901.2138183,
“isTopGroup”: true,
“triggerUuid”: “764ba47e0c52fd1805981701298c3bb9”

Sorry, I can’t use that as it isn’t valid JSON (checked when pasted into


Could you format your JSON by editing three backticks ``` before and after the code, like this:

input/output bundle goes here


or use the format code button in the editor:


Alternatively, you can paste and save the contents of the bundles in your text editor as a .json file, and upload it here into this discussion thread.


Hi @foursci

I observed that you utilized the “get an item after watch event” approach to retrieve all values associated with a specific trigger item. However, if your requirement is to obtain the corresponding column ID, there is currently no available option to retrieve the column information.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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