250 runs of the same scenario at the same time (Webhook instant scenario)

I have a scenario that behave like that:

  1. In monday.com board, Every month at the 1st day of the month the status of 250 items will change automatically from No to Yes
  2. When the status changed to Yes, monday send webhook that trigger a scenario in make.

Is make stable enough to hanle 250 webhooks calls at the same time and process all of them accurately?
Is there a way to deal with potential issuse?

Hello Ido,
A scenario can run at maximum 50 runs asynchronous.
Every time you clear 1 run, a next one will take is place. That slow down the process.
If you have too many runs a the same time from different scenarios in your organization , it consumes Make slots which is limited.

By the way if you are a heavy Make user , you might be interested by this Make dashboard to monitor consumption / errors in your organizatoin

Hey @Ronaldo thanks for your speedy response. So according to your answer what would be the situation with the entire 200 runs I have after the first 50?
I don’t mind that it will take few minutes and even hour to make.com to run all the webhook call, as long as they all will run eventually.

Keep in mind, all of the 250 webhook call will run the same scenario

Hey Ido,
Yes they all will run but slower after the 50th queues. Make is stable for that point, you shouldn’t have any issues. Queues are never lost.
The other limit Make have is the maximum of simultaneous run you can do with an organization, but you have to try to know if you hit it that limit or not.


Thanks Ronaldo. By the way I tried your make dashboard and its look very nice.

Do you have the ability to handle more than one organisation in the same dashboard?

Additionally - do you know why I can’t find my scenarios?

It’s not mine, I don’t know about multiple organization. I also enjoy it and it’s free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that’s why I share it because it seems you have a lot of scenarios, you might need it too :wink:.