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We are launching a BETA :building_construction: version of our MAKE DASHBOARD. This tool has been created to help Make users monitor their accounts closely :mag:.

It can solve many problems Make users have :tired_face:. For example, showing scenarios that have stopped running :warning:, that are over consuming :money_with_wings:, do advance scenario searches and much more :+1:.


The dashboard consists of :three: main parts. Scenario advanced searching, consumption monitoring and error logs.

Scenario Search

Scenario advanced searching allows the user to easily search their scenarios by hooks :hook:, by team :two_men_holding_hands: and by application :computer:. There are many filters available to curate the results with precision.

Consumption Overview

Consumption monitoring :chart_with_upwards_trend: allows the user to see exactly how many operations each scenario is using and how often each one runs :eyes:. The dashboard will even provide an estimate of where you stand with your current Make account to help forecast the need for operations :pray:.

Error Log

The error logs function is a crucial feature :hammer_and_wrench:, it shows a list of all the errors within your Make system allowing you to pinpoint where the issues are very easily and remedy the problems right away :man_mage:.

All in all, the Make dashboard is a powerful tool that will help Make users streamline their use of the platform and once again enhance efficiency :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Do you store any blueprints or access anything outside of the logs and usage details?

Hi @Sean_Vosler , this product is most useful for enterprises and data security is critical. Therefore, by respect for their work and privacy, we do not copy their private data. We strictly monitor usage, activity, and error logs.

Thank you to all that are taking advantage of the dashboard! We love the great feedback and are thrilled to be helping the community.