How to use "iterator" in my scenario

i 'm using a free license
i want to save automaticaly attachement from airtable
I create a airtable table with a form containing attachment.
In make, i use a search record to a specific record from airtable. Running the module i have:

then i use a iterator on Pièces jointes (the array)
After running the scenario, i’am suprised to have only one bundle.

Ok, so i put an other iterator after the first one working on “value”
This time, i have 2 bundles:

after that, i use a “google drive-upload file”. In it, i can’t find the right field for file name et data. i just have a field “value”.

I’m lost…Can you help? Thanx

Hi. First you need use the http module to donwload the file from Airtable and later use this result in the Google Drive to upload the file.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

Thank you for your aswer. I must use an interator to have each url of each attachement. un the http module i can’t reach this field.

Did you find an answer to your question ? It seems that I have the same problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you !


Run the scenario once, and save refresh the scenario, it should then be reflected.

Thank you @Runcorn, it worked !

Hello @Jacques_Blanc :wave:

Would the suggested solution work in your case as well? If so, could you please mark @Runcorn 's reply as a solution? Thank you :raised_hands: