How to use newly installed app SmartSuite?

I installed a custom app, it is saying it has install it but I cannot use it.

It doesnt show the new features which came with this new version.

What could be the problem?

I can see that the app is available and working pretty fine. Are you facing any specific issues?



I can’t see the find record functions that is new when you install the app with this link;


May be they would have missed it. Anyways you can use the Make an API call action to find a record.

You mean it is actually not inside of the new install package of SmartSuite although it is shown on install link?

Yes, it is not there in the app build

The “Search for Records” action is a requested feature in the SmartSuite community and has some upvotes, you may help by upvoting too.

The SmartSuite/Make integration is very young and was available earlier this year. They’re working on adding more modules.