Watch New Records with SmartSuite: Never triggers?

Watch New Records with SmartSuite doesn’t seem to trigger.

Hi folks. Fairly new to Make, building a small automated CRM flow or an arts organisation. I successfully built my first solution today bringing Eventbrite registrants in to Smartsuite with an opt-in/out filter so they can then funnel in to Mailchimp.

However, I am struggling with a flow which begins with ‘Watch New Records’ in Smartsuite and, disaggregates the name, and then adds that contact to Mailchimp (with/without EDM permissions). The horse doesn’t even get out of the gate: the ‘Watch New Records’ trigger never fires when I add data to SmartSuite.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Double/triple checking the webhook, replacing the webhook.
  • Trying with Google Sheets Add Row (it works fine).
  • Adding new rows directly in SmartSuite and also via. a SmartSuite form.
  • Checking Make has access to SmartSuite.

No error messages are being produced and it claims that the ‘Watch New Records’ operation is completed successfully when I run it manually.

I’ve considered tearing it all down and starting again. There seems to be no documentation or example flows on SmartSuite, so I’m wondering if this is an app-specific bug.


Hello Aden and welcome!,
This module works, as I have several Scenarios actively using it all day, every day.
The problem is that sometimes the webhooks are down so Make won’t respond right away when there’s an update in SmartSuite. Eventually, SmartSuite will catch up and fire off all the webhooks.

How long has it been since you’ve tried your tests?


Hey Donald,

That’s reassuring! This is over a period of two hours or so of fiddling around. I’m about to take some time off: I’ll try when I’m back and see if anything has resolved.

Edit: @Donald_Mitchell and for any folks who are reading, I took a break and came back and the scenario had not parsed any further data. I deleted all my webhooks and rebuilt from scratch, then started adding Records in to SmartSuite. I added four records and, for some reason, the Scehario chose to trigger on only one of them (see below). There was no difference in the data set with each record, and each record was added manually in SmartSuite.

It did produce an error on the Mailchimp import, which was attributed to a multi-select option in airtable not being recognised as an array by Mailchimp. I suspect I could resolve this (presumably SmartSuite turns it into a string, and I need to turn it back into an array), but the rest of the solution - including the Record watching - seemed to work on this one occasion for some reason.

FYI the ‘Set multiple variables’ is converting the Name field in SmartSuite into First and Last Name for Mailchimp.

See image below for the semi-successful scenario execution and the four records I added.

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