How to watch multiple E-Mails in one scenario

Hi makers,

I would like to watch multiple E-Mail-Accounts in one scenario.

Is that possible?

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Hi @ProMate , good question!
Unfortunately we can not do this right now within Make (as a trigger). However, you could setup multiple “search emails” or “get emails” modules within one scenario and then act on those. You would need to use a different trigger then to start it, and do searches in inboxes.

Hope that helps you out!

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Best solution is to upgrade your account that will help you to make more no. of Active scenario.

It is not about my account, I am developing for a customer who already purchased more OPs.

Thanks for your quick answer, but it sounds to strange for me, I am not used to work with Make.
If you show me a draft of the structure I would be able to build it.

Out of my programmer perspective a good solution in the sense of a function would be:
To build the scenario and to trigger it by an internal trigger. The internal trigger should be set by multiple E-Mail-Watch-Scenarios.
But I am not sure if internal triggers are available in Make.