Multiple Triggers

Hello, everyone

I’ve just started with Make and perhaps the question I’m going to ask today is too simple, but after thinking about it I haven’t been able to find a solution.

I am doing a personal use scenario to clean my gmail inbox. My idea is simply to run the scenario every 2 months so that I can quickly organize the emails into folders according to the words they contain.

My doubt is that I am not finding a way to do this in a single scenario. I can’t find the option to set an initial trigger that addresses each of the “Check email” triggers

I put an example image of what I would like to achieve:

Is there a way to achieve this in a single scenario or do I have to create many?

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You can just use the Watch Email Trigger and schedule the automation to run every 2 months. Depending on how many emails you get you might want to shorten that period and schedule it to run weekly, or monthly.

Hope that helps.


The problem is that I want to apply 3 different types of filters:

  1. Look at the emails that contain the word “Invoices” that have been read and move them to the “Invoices” folder

  2. Look at the emails that contain the word “Flights” that have been read and move them to the “Flights” folder

  3. Look at emails that contain the word “Asana” and move it to the “Work” folder

And so whatever occurs to me. Do I have to create a new scenario for each filter? Since all the points have the same purpose, I thought it was a good idea to put them together.

But of course, I can only put one trigger as I show in the image

You can solve this by adding a router module right after the watch emails module.

The router allows you to split the flow. The just set the filters for each route.


I think that is not the solution if I have more than 2 “Watch emails” modules
A router only allows me to link to one place from where the information comes and in the “Watch emails” itself I cannot put 2 different filters.

What I need is something that allows me to trigger 3 Watch emails at the same time so I don’t have to do 3 scenarios for something that is very similar

I might be unclear in my explanation but here is a screenshot.

  1. Add a Watch email module
  2. Connect it to the router.
  3. Add Move Email or Move to Folder modules for each route (unsure which if the two does the trick)
  4. Set up filters to contain your keywords for each route.

Oh, thank you very much, I think this might help me. I am going to carry out tests and if I use this method I will mark the answer as a solution.