HTML format of email l by Gmail

I used ChatGPT and Gmail, and send the content generated by ChatGPT to me through Gmail. However, the emails I received are all plain text and cannot be displayed in HTML format. how to set it up so that I can receive emails in HTML format.
many thanks!

Hi @smartway,

I quite didn’t understand what you meant by that, do you want to format the original ChatGPT response or you want to grab the HTML from the email.

IF it is the latter case, then you can instruct ChatGPT through prompt to generate the content as HTML formatted. If it is the email then in Make it has two different mapping available for Email Body, first being the Content and there should another one called HTML content or something like that.


just add a Markdown to HTML module just between OpenAI and Gmail.
That’s it !


Many thanks, my problem (send email with HTML format ) was solved, thanks for your support and suggestion.

have a great day :grinning:

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