HTTP Basic Auth with Certificate - Requires TLS - Error

I have created an API call using a certificate, when I run the module I get the following error, can anyone help with this?

EPROTO: write EPROTO 140692216698752:error:14094410:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert handshake failure:…/deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/record/rec_layer_s3.c:1544:SSL alert number 40

Same here, looks like a error. Support does not give any reaction (created 2 tickets).

Did you solve it ?

Hi @Eli_Hazan , has this been solved by any chance? I’m facing the same error

Yes, but was just a wrong call (api call was not correct).

So @K-Eye_BV how should the correct call look like?

We got answer from support few days ago that we might have a certificate with private key in one file but we should inject it into the module using separate files:

We haven’t checked it yet since we struggle to extract certificate and key from pfx file.

edit: I know this is old and OP doesn’t need help anymore, but I haven’t found much on this topic and thought I might contribute :slight_smile: sorry for necrobumping, admin

Make can be a bit finnicky with keys and certificates, and some formats are not accepted. tbh I don’t have much experience with certs, so idk if there’s any difference compared to keys.

Still, here’s what I’ve found for keys:

  1. first of all, accepted formats and how to convert from Open SSH to PEM:
    if on windows, you can use putty too: Convert a .pem file to .ppk or a .ppk file to .pem | AWS re:Post
  2. I’ve had problems with password-protected keys in the past, but if you are allowed to remove the password, you can do with ssh-keygen -p -P "[old passphrase]" -N "" -m pem -f [path/to/key]
    -N “” sets the new password to an empty string
  3. If you get a handshake failed error, maybe my comment here might help :wink:
    Module SSH no matching host key type found & Handshake failed: no matching host key format - #13 by Bronze_Toad

overall, I was able to connect to all servers I tried so far. A few hiccups, but all working well!