HTTP Get a file: Receive a file that opens in new tab

Hey makers!
I have a pretty simple scenario where I want to transfer files (primarily PDF) from a Google Cloud storage to my AWS S3 bucket.

I can only access the file via a public link, e.g.

I do this via the HTTP Get a file module.

If I want to further process the file later on, i.e. upload to AWS, every link that is pointing on this file is a download link BUT I want a “open new tab” link that only opens the file in a new tab like the source link example above.


  1. Is there a way to do that with my current setup?
  2. Is there a better way or Make module to get a file from such a (Google Cloud) link to achieve what I want?

Hi Faris,

What exactly do you want to do that you would need the “new tab”? The “get a file” module will download the file to your scenario (for lack of phrasing it differently).

This means that within this scenario run, you can then manipulate the file (you can upload it to AWS, have the text extracted with OCR tools, etc).


Hi @NolaDigital,
thanks for your reply!

The idea is to get files uploaded in Glide but then store them in my AWS S3 bucket so that users can access the files later via a new link pointing on the file in AWS.

I already tried sth. similar with SeaTable (instead of AWS) and observed pretty similar behavior.

Okay, but are you getting a specific error of sorts then? Or what’s going wrong?

I don’t have an AWS S3 bucket to play with, but I’ve made a similar test scenario for this to Google drive.

So I’m taking the URL that you provided in your original post, downloading the file, and reuploading it to Google Drive.

I download the file using the HTTP module Get a file:

I then map the downloaded file to my Google Drive upload module:

And this uploads my file perfectly:

Now, one important thing to take into consideration here, is that the get a file module, will always download your file as file.pdf. Which, if your cloud storage is picky, could result in errors due to duplicate file names.


According to php - How to create download link for an Amazon S3 bucket's object? - Stack Overflow,

If you want the public to access the bucket, it is as simple as


So long as you set permissions correctly.

For setting S3 public download permissions, see Public access downloading from bucket | AWS re:Post