Hubspot - Create Associations fields with Custom Objects

Hi, I am setting up integration using (formerly Integromat) with Hubspot to try and acheive the following: 1) Create a new record in our Custom Object, and then 2) Associate that new record in the Custom Object with an existing Contact record.

I have no problem creating a new Custom Object record, but am having trouble trying to identfy the correct Object ID and Object Type for both the Contact record and Custom Object record, as well as figuring out what the “Custom Object ID” is. See screenshot below.


  1. There is a “To” and a “From” - I am trying to create an association between a Contact and a Custom Object, I am assuming “To” should be the Custom Object and the “From” should be a Contact record? I see a reference article here but want to confirm the correct association is Contact>Custom Object. Right?

  2. How do I find the “Custom Object ID” and do I choose Hubspot Defined or User Defined for the “Category”

  3. Finally, where do I find the “Definition ID” for the relationship between a Contact>Custom Object. There is a table that is for existing object associations but I imagine new ID is defined specifically for your Contact>Custom Object that was created.

Any help would be great!