HubSpot associated Company ID missing

Hi everybody,

I have a small problem with the HubSpot integration.

I have a scenario that is searching for contacts in the CRM and if a contact is not existing, a new one will be created. The problem is that I am not able to connect a new contact and a new company. Both are created without a connection. It only works if I add the company URL in the contact’s details. I am missing the associated company ID as a field for contacts.

The associated company ID field does exist but only for deals. So I can add a deal to a company account. Am I the only one who is missing this field for contacts or do you know any workarounds?

Company URL is not an option for me because I do not have the URL for every company and it would be too much work to search for each URL.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Alex_D

There is an action for that available in Make, it’s called Associate CRM Objects, as shown below:

Hope this helps!


hi @make_expert

Thanks for your reply. That could help. Will test it and let you know if it solved my problem.


Worked perfectly! Thanks a lot.

Great support :slight_smile:

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