Hubspot Deals w/ associated contacts/companies

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I’ve tried - really, I did :smiley: - and even though the scenario works, I can’t solve how to get the details:

The scenario is fairly simple: When a deal is won in Hubspot, I want to create a task in Clickup with the deal information (deal name, description, amount, etc. ) – AND, the associated company name and contacts (if available)

In detail, it looks like this:

  • MODULE: [HUBSPOT |Watch CRM Object]: Deals > watch when updated Deal Stage = “Deal Won”
  • → MODULE [HUBSPOT | List Associations]: from Object type: deal / object ID (fetching ID from CRM Objects); to Object type: contacts, companies
  • → (then we create task in clickup)

I ran tests few times and can confirm that the scenario is successfully configured: it retrieves the deal information and successfully identifies the associated company ID (and contact ID) for a won deal in HubSpot. The problem is, that I can’t figure out how, based on the correct company and contact IDs to retrieve the actual values of those properties: company name and contact name (first/last)

Here are my screenshots. I’m focusing primarily on Hubspot data as the Clickup works fine (sans the company/contact association).
Highly appreciate your thoughts and potential solution!



trigger results:

association setup:

associations results:

Well, it took me a while to figure it out; ran out of the free plan operations allowance (I truly wish there would be a better method of testing and prototyping it… or is there?) and after frustration and rollercoaster I’ve got the results. Now: perhaps there is an easier way to do it - so if you are as geek as I am, we may have a good conversation :smile:

Below is the screenshot (after final successful test) and here is the walk-through:

HubSpot CRM - Watch CRM Objects: Watching for closed Deal; Trigger: Deal Stage: Won
The ultimate goal is to create tasks in ClickUp:
(1) in deals list = deal task (name, amount, description, etc. skip if already exist);
(2) in accounts list = Won Deal’s associated company name (skip if already exist); and
(3) in contacts list = Won Deal’s associated contacts (may be more than one, skip if any exist)

  • I’m adding Hubspot Record ID into ClickUp custom field so that I can cross-check and avoid duplicates if records (=tasks) already exist.

  • When creating Deal Task, I wanted to bring “ticker” (it’s a shortcut 4-letters company name, that I use to identify projects along with project number) - this one is tricky, because the “ticker” is part of Company Property in HubSpot and I needed to repeat the association path to get that value into the deal – not sure if this is the best way, but heck -it’s working :slight_smile:

I’ve mapped the entire process and need to update first before sharing – hope my sweat and tears may bring you some solace if you find yourself in similar spot. Best, AZ

– update –

as promised (if the mind map image is too small to read, visit it here: Zoomable Image Viewer | BTF Group > R&D Hub)

This scenario also may answer couple questions I was looking while building it:
(1) how to get Clickup List IDs?

(2) (specifically tricky so-and-so): how to get ClickUp Custom Field ID?

Hope this is helpful – Peace! :vulcan_salute: AZ


Hello there @azjr :wave:

Wow, you deserve a round of applause for figuring this out! Truly impressive work. :clap:

Also thank you very much for coming back here and sharing the details of your solution. We truly appreciate you keeping us in mind.

Keep up the awesome work! :sunny:


Thank you @vendy! :pray: :sunglasses::star_struck: