Merge Fields for Associated Records

Hi. I am using the free version of HubSpot CRM. There are “Contacts”, “Companies”, and “Deals” that I can choose to create. These records can be associated. For example, the “Contact” may be a manager who works for the “Company” that I do a “Deal” with.

With Make, I am creating a scenario that connects HubSpot CRM to Google Calendar. My goal is to save information from all 3 associated records (Contact, Company, Deal) in HubSpot CRM to Google Calendar.

However, I tried to do that in Make and I only see merge fields for “Deal” properties. You can see what I mean in the screenshot below.

How do I get merge fields for associated “Contact” and associated “Company” properties? Thanks.

I assume there has to be a way to do this. How else can someone use make generate invoices contracts? What would be the point of Make integrating with services like DocuSign and QuickBooks if something this basic is not possible? There has to be a way, right?

This is insanely frustrating. I really just want to get this working or confirm if there is no way to attain my goal. Is there a customer service phone number I can call?

Is there any user-friendly software that does what Make does?

Hi, you didn’t include the entire scenario, so I am not sure what you’re doing there, but in high level, you should be getting from HubSpot the 3 objects of data (contact, company, deal) and then use this data when creating the calendar event.

I didn’t integrate before with HubSpot, but I imagine this requires 3 modules in the scenario, one per object, each will hold the data you’re after.

I hope this helps!

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Re your question about contacting our support team - you can always open a ticket with our agents over here.

You need to pass something to your watch crm objects first to populate the necessary fields. By default fields in make appear as they have been processed.

So make a new contact first while this scenario is running and have make process it and you’ll see the necessary orange pills for contacts. Same for other objects.

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Thanks. How do I get it to populate from associated objects? For example, if my trigger is set up to pull from “Deals” in HubSpot CRM, how do I get orange pills to show up for the associated “Company” fields in HubSpot CRM? I only see an orange pill for “Company ID” but not the Company fields I need. If I generate an invoice, I need to populate the company name and company address, the contact name, and the deal amount. If I can’t get orange pills for all of the fields in Deals, Companies, and Contacts, what is the alternative? Thanks again.

You should try changing each of these objects and see what make gets into the watch object. I am guessing it would change depending on what’s passed from hubspot.

Thanks. I just made the Deal form very long and included tons of custom fields. That way I don’t have to worry about associated objects. All I was really looking to do is send invoices, save info to a Google Calendar date, and populate/email contracts in a simple, single automation.