Huge Jump in Operations for working scenario


I have a scenario that was working fine up until about a week ago, it triggers when an order is placed on my site, and it was using about 400 operations a day. The last time I modified this scenario was Dec 2nd, and it had been running fine since.

Suddenly on Dec 26, it used 14,000 and has been using that or more since. It is returning 429 rate limit errors constantly and retrying when it fails. I have a ton of other scenarios using this same API that are still running normally and not returning rate limit errors. Again, this was running normally up until this point and I made no edits.

I tried adding 3-second delay between each step that uses the API throwing the error and it is still happening.

Any idea what could have changed to create this issue? I have opened a ticket with both Make and the API in question (Knack) but I am stumped because
A. this scenario has been running over a year with no issues
B. other similar scenarios that use the same API are having no issues
C. The sudden change on the 26 when the scenario had not been edited for weeks and the site was under lighter load than usual due to the holidays

As far as what the scenario does, every 15 minutes it watches for new orders based on an incremental field, it grabs the new orders and the user information and then sends it to airtable.

The 429s are happening on the knack steps when it tries to grab the detailed order or user info.

Not realted to the topic here. We will move it accordingly.