Hwo to Map Json InMappableParameters

I send the following json to a make webhook. The fields are dynamic and can change

   "Values": {
    "Nutzer.First_Name": "Vorname",
    "Nutzer.Last_Name": "Name"

The webhook parses it as a collection.


Now a api That I’m calling expects the exact same property how should I define this in the action?
I tried to define it as a collection without spec but then I can’t map it.

When I define it this way

“name”: “Values”,
“type”: “array”,
“spec”: {“type”:“collection”},
“label”: “Values”,
“required”: true
can it can be mapped but it creates a array of element instead of a json map
is there any advice on how to achieve this?

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You can do that by setting the Webhook “JSON Pass-through” to YES (it is “No” by default), when creating or editing a webhook.

Then, you will be able to “forward” (map) the entire JSON body payload in another module.

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