I am getting crazy with a problem with an airtable roll up field used by make

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Hi there, i am about to get crazy with this issue, i am thinking myself even it it is an error of Make.

I will try to explain it

I program sessions of my theatre school and include the attendees as a linked record in airtable

Then i want to send an email through make to the teacher of the session including the name of the attendees

For that i created a roll up field with the names of the attendees using ARRAYJOIN function in airtable

ARRAYJOIN(values,", ")

This is supossed to be a string according ARRAYJOIN specifications

I use a search airtable module in make to find the todays sessions and than i want to email each teacher. On the email i want to write the name of the attendees of the session

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-25 at 12.35.50 PM

It seems to work perfectly. I got and array of sessions and, then so, an array of strings of the attendees in each session. Each item of this array is a string. So OK, till here.

When i run de automation, which runs perfectly, i send the email but the name of the attendees dont appear correctly. It appears just one letter

Any help please?

Hi, îs Almnos the Array, and item 1 should have all the names? Try mapping the name to a variable and check the result.

It is very hard to give you an answer as I can see very little of your scenario and variables…

Kind regards

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