I am unable to execute my webhook response

I want my webhook response to include the response from an external API call my scenario makes.

However, whenever I place it after making the call, I get this error:


Response can’t be processed when scenario is not executed immediately on data arrival.

Does that mean I cannot include external calls, and the response must be immediately after the webhook itself?

Did you push play on the scenario rather than let it run via something calling the webhook URL? That might be the reason for the error here.


Did you forget to turn your scenario on? If not, the requests go into a queue until you manually trigger it (hence the warning message), because webhook responses have to be done within 40 seconds of the incoming request, including the time taken to run the modules in-between the trigger and the Webhook Response module.


Scenario is on and it runs…but it seems it expects the responses to be done right away…yes, there is a queue, though…but in each case, there is no manual trigger…the processing is very short…but maybe some of them were in the queue, I can look more closely at that…

Yes, not only are they expected to run right away (within 40 seconds), they need somewhere to go, something to respond to. If you play the scenario from queued data, the calling process is most likely no longer listening by that point.


Turn your scenario off and then on again. It will prompt you to delete all the data in the queue, or process all the older requests first. Keep the scenario on for new requests to be processed immediately.