I encountered error 400 out of the blue

the googlesheet and gmail setup has been there and nothing changed

All of sudden I get error mesage that make and gmail not connecte

I tried to enter the information to get help
and when i comes to the part to enter make ID module
I can type anything in the box,

I tried to search for email to send to for help. there is none

ok i figured out have to publish or else will last for 7 days

still the problem is in the make help section. cant enter module ID. there is a problem in make support

Which browser and operating system are you using?

The support form’s module number field is working for me on Windows 10, Chrome v124

Unfortunately, the guest (not logged in) contact form is now missing/removed on the contact us page. The form used to be a fallback for when we are unable to login to our account for any reason, and I’m not sure why this was removed? @Michaela

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Hello @Manfred :wave:

Thanks a lot for raising this here :pray:

I tested entering an ID into the field on my end, and everything is working fine for me. As @samliew suggested, this appears to be a browser issue. Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser?

Feel free to keep us updated on your progress.

We’ve made this form the sole method for contacting our support team to enhance our customer support processes. This change helps us ensure more efficient assistance for all our customers. :pray:

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